inspiration_canIt Worked!

Well what do you know?

Better do another for Tuesday!

our free lottery share dream team ticket 14-03-2014

The Dream Team07 22 24 39 50   Stars 05 09

The Dream Team Member Results

( the largest winner on the list will choose Tuesday´s draw ticket )

Click on each chart to view in full

Free lotteryshare Dream team members 1 friday 14-03-2014

Free lotteryshare Dream team members 2 friday 14-03-2014

A win! – 1 number plus 2 stars = 7.92 After taking 10% for Save The Children it leaves us with  just over 7 euros, I will top it up so we have 4 lines for Tueday´s draw and as it happens…..

Jose, Mathew, Paul and Kiomars 

all had the highest wins so they can choose the numbers for us………..

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