As most of the dream team know, I have been running this website for the last 8 years or so,and during that time I have never asked,and never will, for any money from the other members toward my goal of winning the Euromillions using the “Law Of Attraction “

This site has always been about the spirit of sharing.

did it help

Yep! so what´s up?

I have put this post together as I felt I had better explain about “the win that never was

You see last week I sent out an e mail to all of the share list members, with this graphic below-


I explained that with it being the holiday break, we would have no time to re vote, on the above numbers, so I took the decision to just take the numbers from left to right being-

The Dream Team – 04 37 38 39 44   Stars 02 05

Here is last Friday´s post-

Our Free Lottery Share Result For Friday 01-01-2016

Well, rather than type on, I made a quick video this morning which is below-


I mean, what chance have we got when I don´t even know what year it is!..


For the record and what it´s worth, here is a screen shot of my account online with the official Spanish lottery site where you can see I missed 01-01-2016-


This is what we would have won ….it hurt´s A bit!


Finally, I have to apologize to all of you on the members share list,and I am gutted that “Save The Children” missed out on extra cash, but fate was not with us last Friday for whatever reason.

As ever I am still more optimistic than ever,that together we will make this happen, if we continue to focus hard, we will win the jackpot soon-


Watch this space………

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