Published on: Oct 4, 2009


This is how the system works and as I said before this will not cost you a penny.

All I ask is that you keep an “open mind” and along with everyone else “will” the weeks ticket to win.
Each week I buy a Euro-millions ticket which I then upload to the home page of this site, this will be the number that myself and possibly hundreds ( the more the better ) will be “willing” to win the lottery.

( update, as of 01/10/2009 now two tickets )

Am I Crazy?

Yes, probably! but I really do believe in the “Law Of Attraction” and the power of “Positive Thinking” and truly believe that with enough people participating that it may just work!

How Do We Join The Free Lottery Share List?

Just register for free and you are automatically added to each weeks draw forever!

Is This A Scam?

Absolutely not, I will never ask for any money from anyone who joins in, this is a serious attempt to see if this can be done and at worst it’s a bit of “light hearted fun!”

How Would The Money Be Shared?

Equally amongst everyone on the “share list” but as an extra incentive I thought it would be nice to pledge 10% of any winning ticket to the “Save The Children” charity before the rest was divided.

How Would We Receive The Money?

Pay-pal would probably be the best option, it’s free to register for an account and would also stop people from registering multiple e-mails to the share list, this is not about “greedy people” (they can buy their own ticket!)

What’s In This For You?

Nothing, apart from a share of the winnings and the huge “Buzz” I would get from helping to change hundreds of people’s lives, let alone a worthwhile charity receiving millions.

A recent jackpot was over 126 million euros!
Imagine a list of 200 people (well I can wish!)
That’s 12,600,000 to Save The Children
Then 113,400,000 divided by 200 = 567,00 each!

I don’t know about you, but that would do me!

Sure, your not going to retire ( personally I would!), but that’s 200 people all “willing” the same numbers each week

Maybe it can be done!, for sure it would receive a few hits on you tube if it ever happened!

What’s To Stop Me Just Keeping The Lot?

Nothing, apart from the bad “Karma” that would be associated with it!
If anyone has any doubts, is a pessimist or is at all sceptical then I do not want them to join the share list in the first place,the whole point of this experiment is to see if the “law of attraction” can be made to work, I only want positive,optimistic people on the list.

What About Any Small Wins?

If any wins are too small to realistically be shared amongst the list through paypal then I will buy extra tickets (they cost 2 Euros per line) for the following weeks draw, but the 10% towards Save the Children will always be deducted first.

That’s it!

Feel free to join the list and by the way, I respect your privacy and Will Never disclose your E-mail to any third parties (I hate spam as much as anyone else!)

Thanks for reading and remember–

Think Positive!