Our Free Lottery Share – Dream Team ticket for Friday 23-08-2013

If you are on the share list but missed the Tuesday midnight deadline (GMT) for this week don´t worry just log in and add your numbers for next Friday

The number entry for the next Draw Closes On Tuesday, 27th  August, 2013 at Midnight (GMT)

Below are the numbers that all of you have sent us for this week

Total Dream Team List for Friday  23/08/2013 = 39

The Jackpot this Friday is

93 Million Euros!

Total Jackpot is 93 million – 10% (9.3 million for Save The Children ) is 83,700,000 divided by


Which is

2,146,153 Euros EACH!


Below are the frequency statistics from our log in system

For Friday 23-08-2013

( You can click on them to enlarge )

Stats for free lottery share average numbers 23-08-2013Stats for lottery share average stars 23-08-2013

The Dream Team11 19 31 37 49   Stars 06 11

Henry 06 07 09 18 29   Stars 06 08

This weeks  Free Lottery Share Dream Team members and their numbers are below

Free lotteryshare Dream team members 1   friday 23-08-2013Free lotteryshare Dream team members 2   friday 23-08-2013

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