Our Free Lottery Share – Dream Team ticket for Friday 06-05-2011

If you are on the share list but missed the Monday 6 pm deadline (GMT) for this week don´t worry, I will send a number request each Sunday to everyone so you will get another chance next time.

You should all know how the numbers work by now but just to remind you:-
I need you to send me  5 main numbers between 01 and 50
Plus you need to send me  2 star numbers  between 01 and 09

Below are the numbers that the people on the share list have sent me for this week

Total Dream Team List for Friday 06/05/2011 = 73

The Jackpot this week is

28 Million Euros!

Total Jackpot is 28 million – 10% ( 2.8 million for save the children ) is 25,200,000 divided by 73

Which is 345,205 EACH!

Line 1 is the Dream Team numbers based on the average numbers sent in by everyone

Lines 2 and 3 are the numbers from the members of the share list who got the most hits last week, plus the first to reply to Sunday´s e-mail.

The Dream Team – 04 08 19 27 45 Stars 03 07

Micheal J 01 14 26 40 46 Stars    02 06

Danny 04 07 26 31 49 Stars  02 09

This weeks  Free Lottery Share Dream Team members and their numbers are below

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