Our Free Lottery Share – Dream Team ticket for Friday 20-01-2012

If you are on the share list but missed the Monday 6 pm deadline (GMT) for this week don´t worry, I will send a number request each Sunday to everyone so you will get another chance next time.


Don´t forget as long as you meet the numbers deadline, you are also included in the

  Tuesday draw


The draw each Sunday for El Gordo ( The Fat One )

You all know how the numbers work by now so

We need you to send us  5 main numbers between 01 and 50
Plus you need to send us  2 star numbers  between 01 and 11

Below are the numbers that all of you have sent us for this week

Total Dream Team List for Friday  20/01/2012 =65

The Jackpot this Friday is

48 Million Euros

Total Jackpot is 48 million – 10% ( 4.8 million for Save The Children ) is 43,200,000 divided by 65

Which is 664,615 EACH!

The Dream Team11 17 18 32 33   Stars 03 07

Richard W  13 21 33 48 50       Stars   02 09

Faith  07 15 22 38 49      Stars  03 07

This weeks  Free Lottery Share Dream Team members and their numbers are below


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