Our Free Lottery Share – Dream Team ticket for Friday 22-07-2011

If you are on the share list but missed the Monday 6 pm deadline (GMT) for this week don´t worry, I will send a number request each Sunday to everyone so you will get another chance next time.


Don´t forget as long as you meet the numbers deadline, you are also included in the new Tuesday draw using the recently featured…..

Dream Team Machine

You all know how the numbers work by now but just to remind you the recent changes
I need you to send me  5 main numbers between 01 and 50
Plus you need to send me  2 star numbers  between 01 and 11

Below are the numbers that all of you have sent me for this week

Total Dream Team List for Friday 22/07/2011 = 71

The Jackpot this Friday is

15 Million Euros!

Total Jackpot is 15 million – 10% ( 1.5 million for Save The Children ) is 13,500,000 divided by 71

Which is 190,140 EACH!

Small change for this guy

But I would´nt  say no!

Line 1 is the Dream Team numbers based on the average numbers sent in by everyone

Lines 2,and 3 are from the dream team members who got the most hits last Friday and were the first replies to my Sunday e mail request

The Dream Team03 04 08 17 24  Stars 02 07

Me 14 16 28 37 50   Stars   01 06

Georg 02 07 19 44 46   Stars  04 07

This weeks  Free Lottery Share Dream Team members and their numbers are below


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