Today 13-02-2010 was a strange day for me and I promise you what I explain here is true.

I have not manipulated anything you will have to take my word for it.

Well the “feeling” that I got when I made the connection is the thing that I have attempted to explain on the  inspiration tab.

It’s a bit like the saying ” I just “felt” someone walk over my grave!” but to me that is more of a feeling of anticipation, this is more “euphoric and positive”

If I ever doughted my belief that the Law Of Attraction does exist, then for me that thought is gone forever ( you must agree it is a little strange )

If you read this and feel I am trying to scam you or something then please don’t join the share list I would rather you didn’t.

I’m sure our lives are littered with coincidences like this, it’s just that we need to spot it when it happens and learn to look out for it.

I will say no more on the subject, only to say I’m sure this is nothing new and some people might say ” so what? ” but to be honest I’m not bothered as this event was far more beneficial to me than you can imagine, that’s why I feel I had to post this.

My faith that this will work one day has never been stronger

Anyway, this what happened:

I was working on the site to update the lottery results and was on the inspiration video page as I love watching it.

I clicked through to the youtube video and decided to leave a comment on the thread thanking the poster, you do this at the bottom of all the posts and when you submit it and refresh the page your comment is the one at the top.

Depending on how popular a video is your comment will move down the stream every few minutes and what I saw achieved the “feeling” that I am trying to get across to you, so much so I took a screenshot of it as I found it very strange!

Here’s the screenshot, you can click on it to enlarge:

The videos that were listed on the right hand side were all related to the black eyed peas but the video that showed up at the top highlighted was the Law Of Attraction which is the very concept I am trying to get across for this site!

What was wierd was I can’t for the life of me see where this has been mentined in the flash mob videos other than where I made a connection but the strangest other thing was that when I looked at the e-mail of the person that that uploaded the attraction video, they had the very same numbers in their e-mail address which to me was unusual!

I promise you that at the time of writing I have never seen this video (although I’m sure I will).

As I said I’m sure things like this have happened to many other people out there and maybe they are the type of people who join the list who knows?

I just hope people join for the right reasons and make it happen!!”

There was one final twist to this story:

After I put up the results and checked the result ( nothing amazing happened, just got one star although one of my sons who is on the list but plays as well did win 20 Euros and never wins! )

What did make me sit up was when I decided to have a quick look at the Law Of Attraction video which,  by the way I don’t work for or have any connection with at all.

Again I took a screen shot of what I saw and I had to laugh.

Under the name of the poster is a date.

I was born on the 3rd of December 1961

Maybe things just randomly happen in life and then sometimes, maybe not

It makes you think, it’s certainly made me think!!

Here’s the screenshot click on it to enlarge: