The Free Lottery Share List is now full

Over the last few years we have fine tuned the list, losing members for various reasons

Recently any members who did not actively join in with the weekly re vote

( when the averages do not work out ) were also removed, as were any who have left the e mail list

Most of you on this list have been with us for some time now, and I feel we now have a dream team that can make this happen

It has taken around 8 years to get down to this dedicated worldwide group of people

This year 2016, we are destined a big win, thank´s for being part of it.


Paul & Andrea




Now we need to focus!…..


The Free Lottery Share Dream Team

Paul & Andrea – Tenerife- Spain

Frederic – Nivelet- Belgium

 Monica – Kampala – Uganda

free lottery share -Patrick

Patrick – Kampala – Uganda

free lottery share -Mary Ann

Mary Ann – Daventry – Northamptonshire – U.K.

free lottery share -Stacy

Stacy – Bellefonte – U.S.A.

free lottery share - Deborah

Deborah – Wellston – U.S.A.

free lottery share -Cheryl

Cheryl – Huffman – U.S.A.

free lottery share -Debbie

Debbie – Pennsylvania – U.S.A.

free lottery share -Kristina

Kristina – London – Ontario – Canada

Michael & John – Leatherhead – U.K.

Donald – Golspie – U.K.

Vlasta – Golden Square – Australia

Jane – Golden Square – Australia

Shelley – Dartmouth – Nova Scotia – Canada

Mario & Irish – Canberra- Australia

Julia – Alicante – Spain

Casey – Centereach – New York – U.S.A.

Albert – Paranaque City – Philippines

Pascoal  – Auckland – New Zealand

free lottery share - June

June  – Auckland – New Zealand

Julie – Tenerife – Spain

Paul – Spalding – U.K.

Eduardo – Hermosillo – Mexico


Rab – Dundee – U.K.

Antony – Thrissur – India