Normally I would have sent all of you this in an email but as I was touched by all of your kind emails I wanted to put this on the site.

Andrea is finally starting to heal now but will be off her feet for a while yet so will start to reply to all of you that have sent words of encouragement.

We are getting back to normal with the site now and I will upload our Friday numbers later.

As you know the share list is closed now for new members as I wanted to try to get a true “focus group” together which I feel we are getting really close to!

Many of you have written to say that you feel part of a “family”  although most of you don´t know each other.

I guess that some people that you all speak with may think you are crazy to join in with something like this

But how about this…………..?

For fun I typed “Dream Team Result” into Google and what came back told me we have a special thing happening here

( click on the picture below to see better )

Over 150 million people searching dream team result per month

That´s around 3 MILLION people a day that are searching for a dream team result with all of us at the top!

We could make this happen……….

We WILL make this happen!

This Friday´s Euromillions jackpot is 146 million

14,600,000 will go to Save the Children if we do it so let´s all hold that vision together — REALLY FOCUS

Plus we all get to be millionaires together as a bonus!

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