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Something BIG is coming our way very soon…………..

Attention all share list members

This is my final chance to appeal to ALL SHARE LIST members

There are still a few members that, although they add their numbers to the site each week, they are NOT receiving e mails from me each week, you may be unaware but I do write out each week often twice- it may be that given the name of my site, freelotteryshare this mail may have gone into your spam folder, please check and mark it as “not spam” and it will not happen in the future.

If you do not see it in spam, but are still  not receiving weekly e mails then please contact me at

If YOU are one of the dream team that this affects and do not contact me asap you will be removed from the share list, it would take too long to explain why on here, but let´s say most of the team are aware of why.

I will make this post “sticky” for a few days, which means it will always show up as the first post people see.

I have tried many other methods to contact everyone to let them know what is happening, 98% of the team know, this is my last chance to reach out to everyone currently on the share list-

The majority of the team are also aware that something big is on it´s way for all of us.

Make sure you are still part of it!


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