Following the success of the first “Dream Team Ticket” ( no, we did not win the lottery! but the response and general feedback from the share list members was amazing )

Free Lottery Share win be launching a new style to the way each weeks tickets are chosen.

This site will become far more interactive in achieving our dream of winning the lottery together using the law of attraction.

Click here for more information

I have said that when the share list hits 150 followers, then I will buy the 3rd line of numbers each week.

The list is currently at

141 Members ( as of 11/10/2010 )

I will not start the new style Free Lottery Share until we hit the 150 as I want to start the new system each Sunday ( when it is hoped the dream team will have time to “visualize” their chosen numbers and perhaps form a winning pattern together).

Don´t forget it costs nothing to join Free Lottery Share

I buy the tickets, I share the win with all of you on the share list.


Because they helped me to win, simple really!

We can and will make this work.

Come and join us!

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